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== Character Design ==
== ==
The character appears to be childlike, standing only around 1.5 metres tall. Their clothes will drape over their arms and their backpack will be disproportionally big compared to the character, to invoke their child like features. The player character will be quiet, laid back and quite mysterious as the player will not have much information about them. The character will also feature a [[Companion]], which will have all the personality - hyperactive, mischievous and destructive. The companion will also act as a radar when the player comes close to something interesting.
== Character Lore ==
All the lore in this subsection was developed by Sean McCann.
The unnamed main character is a child hailing from a tribe across the sea dedicated to honouring the prophecy they were given centuries ago. One day the deity who acts as the key to the realm of the [[Lore|Gods]] will come. It will need the youngest of the tribe to act as a companion and to guide it on its journey and so they embark. The child, trained for this, navigates their way to the island and sets out to find the way to the realm of the gods. The deity, impatient to fulfill its destiny, joins them.
== Character Art ==
All the character art has been developed by Pearse McKenna.
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[[File:Character Sheet.jpeg|centre|thumb|220x220px]]
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